Owning commercial real estate might seem like the surefire cure for your 9-to-5 cubicle blues. After all, what could be better than fishing the flats or playing another 18 holes while you wait for the mailbox money to show up every month?

What surprises a lot of first-time landlords is that owning commercial space is a lot like the old duck metaphor. On the surface, it might look like you’re gliding along effortlessly. But down below, you’re paddling like mad. Because managing commercial space is a lot of work, even if you only have a single building and one or two tenants.

The Guide to Simplified Lease Management for Commercial Property Owners gets you up to speed quickly. After reading the guide, you’ll understand the nuts and bolts of rental agreement clauses and the best tools for managing commercial rental lease agreements. It’s a pretty quick read – which means you can still make your tee time.